Friday, 4 April 2014

Henry Potts - Shirtless & Barefoot Pics

British model & Youtuber.


  1. I like the bottom pic; his feet and legs look really sexy! The dogs getting a good look at his feet lol I wd like to go & suck those toes :p its a sexy shot! His feet look hot :)

  2. Just had a close up look again at the bottom photo; phwoaarr those feet and toes!

  3. Yes, I wd also love to rub my hands gently over his hot feet, put my lips to his toes :p and rub my hand up & down his legs! :) Sorry I might be starting toseem repetitive, buts its just that photo; I keep having another look lol It would be interesting to see what the soles of his feet look like! Is there any chance of posting more pics of Henry Potts Admin? More barefoot shots please?!! :)

    1. I certainly hope to be able to post more pics of him in the future.

  4. Cool, Ill keep a look out! :)